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The mObridge iBlue convinces with its clever One-Fits-All concept and stands out remarkably among available aftermarket handsfree Car Kit solutions for vehicles with optical data bus (MOST) with its multiple product features.

The mObridge iBlue not integrates leading Parrot® Bluetooth®-technology for an optimal embedding of your mobile phone into the car’s Hifi system. With the iPod & AUX interface, you are also able to integrate your iPod/ iPhone or any other music source and you will receive an entire multimedia system for your car.

The most outstanding advantage of the mObridge iBlue is the simple and seamless connection to your factory radio/ navigation system:

  • Convenient control of telephone menu and iPod via the navigation system or the steering wheel remote control (if existing).
  • Display and operation are conducted entirely via the already existing displays and operational elements in the cockpit – no additional screens etc. will impair your perfect designed interior.
  • Due to Parrot®-technology, most of the available Bluetooth®-cell phones are supported.
  • Saved music on your A2DP/ AVRCP capable cell phone or Bluetooth®-MP3 player can be streamed wireless to the Hifi system of our car.

mObridge iBlue provides Look & Feel like OEM ex works
for telephony and music in your car,
integrated in a compatible aftermarket solution
for all vehicles with navigation system.

The outstanding benefits qualify the mObridge iBlue as the ideal
car-infotainment addition for your vehicle.

The mObridge iBlue integrates your Bluetooth®-mobile phone directly into the navigation system of your vehicle and works just like a factory installed phone system. It includes full caller-id display and phonebook use via the car's factory radio or navigation system display with any brand phone and any carrier of your choice.

It allows you to simply get into the car with the phone in your pocket, purse, or briefcase. When you start your car, the mObridge iBlue will automatically recognize your phone and wirelessly connects to it. Full integration means: easy handling by using radio, navigation system or steering wheel controls to dial, accept/ reject calls, browse the cell phone's directory and voice dialling (if supported).

To make a call, just pick a name from the phonebook in the menu on the navigation display – your mobile phone phonebook is automatically loaded onto the screen. The music mutes as soon as you make or receive a call. Furthermore, SMS can be received and displayed: search your inbox and read the SMS on the navigation screen.

The mObridge iBlue iPod-interface integrates any Apple iPod into the radio/ navigation system of your car. Handle the entire iPod menu directly and safe via the buttons of the OEM radio/ navigation system or the steering wheel controls (if existing).

This means: a complete new menu will appear in your navigation display that you normally use to control the CD changer. Via this menu you will conveniently access playlists, artists, albums and favorite songs. Albums and song titles will be displayed in the navigation system due to its text support feature.

In short, the mObridge iBlue is designed to work just like a factory-installed handsfree Car Kit, but it is available for a way more attractive price and integrates as a true 2-in-1 solution a high-grade iPod interface in addition.

 mObridge iBlue - Highlights


Available for many premium vehicles with MOST-BUS!
Those are currently: Audi, BMW, Mini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche & Land Rover.

State-of-the-Art Technology

You only install one adapter and receive two functions:
= fully integrated Bluetooth®-handsfree Car Kit
+ complete iPod integration!

  • Based on Parrot’s leading Bluetooth®-handsfree system.

·         Integrated iPod interface with charging function for iPhone 3G and new iPods.

Top quality

24bit ADC converter provides crystal clear and powerful sound in your car.


Full hands-free phone capabilities like OEM ex works – no additional display or other operating elements.

  • Complete operation of all features on radio/ navigation system or via steering wheel remote control.

·         All phone capabilities + iPod menu displayed on radio screen or navigation system.


  • AUX line-in for any other audio source.

·         Music streaming from Bluetooth®-mobile phone (if supported).

One 4 All

Applicable for many vehicles with MOST-BUS of various car brands by simple firmware flashes.

Software updates

Free Wizard software for car, Bluetooth® and iPod set-up included:

  • SD card slot for future software updates.

·         Future-proof for new iPod, mobile phone and car models.

Plug&Play installation

The outstanding product design guarantees easy and fast installation, plug & play integration, perfect for leased vehicles.

Clear money saving

The highly integrated one-box-system is clearly cheaper than any combination of separate Bluetooth®-handsfree system + additional iPod-Car Kit, while offering a bigger scope of features.













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